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The Selfie Revolution has come to New Zealand!

The Selfie Revolution is here. This is a unique magic mirror, and the first and only one in New Zealand. The Revolution manifests photo booth advances demanded by the events market: Incredible WOW factor with a breathtaking, 6 feet tall, all-mirror design; Pristine quality with tempered glass and an all-aluminum body. Complete with the most advanced software. It really is a Revolution in event technology.

A modern design and a user-friendly interface, communicating with guests through a touch screen of colourful animations and entertaining voice guidance.

With a customizable systems and layouts, you can choose from a wide array of features to include in the interactive photo-taking experience. Choose to include voice guidance, gesture & movement detection, vibrant animations, touch based photo-signing, emoji stamping, interactive contests, social games, colorful photo countdowns and so much more.


The Revolution has everything the Selfie Mirror has PLUS..


The Selfie Revolution captures professional-grade photographs & videos. It will take any kind of photo you want; be it single, couple, or even large groups (up to 50 people in one shot).


Extensive work has gone into creating an algorithm which has a subtle yet significant effect while keeping the natural sense of the original image. In order to achieve that, the feature uses adaptive filtering, soft contrast lighting correction, smart noise reduction and unique facial features preservation techniques. Other filters available include Black & White, Sepia, Extra Sharp and Pencil Sketch.


This feature is an amazingly fun & easy way for you to let participants choose a preferred overlay for their photos before they are shared & printed.
You can set this feature to automatically appear after the participants are done taking their selfies. They can then simply swipe through the overlay designs you offer to choose their preferred one.


The ‘On-Glass Photo Gallery’ feature displays a beautiful layout of all photos captured during the event. Any photo can be easily selected for reprinting. This feature is handy in cases where a printed photo gets lost or an insufficient amount of print copies is selected by a group of participants


Bring excitement to your event with the optional, built-in interactive animations. Each one of these special animations require user interaction with the mirror. The end result? Some great laughs and a hilarious photo keepsake!
Try our Screaming Contest or record a winning smile when the jackpot is hit on our interactive slot machine.


Presets offered for selection can vary. You can let the participants choose whether to record a GIF or take a photo. You can offer options that just vary by the amount of selfies taken. You can even offer a selection of completely different experiences like “The Devil Experience” or “The Angel Experience” – each one comes complete with its own animations and printout designs. So with this feature, the sky’s the limit.
Customizing the Screen’s Look & Feel
You can fully customize the experience selection screen by setting a static or an animated background and thumbnail for each presented preset.

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