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So Coronavirus means you can’t have your wedding – What next?

Coronavirus has given us new vocabulary like “flattening the curve” and “social distancing” into our daily lives. Along with this, a recent set of government guidelines of no more than 100 should gather. This is devastating news for people planning weddings, birthday parties, corporate events, Bar and Bat Mitzvah celebrations, and more, in 2020.

Advice and guidance for people whose special day is affected, has a big part to play, a checklist to work though as your mind is spinning at a thousand miles and hour dealing with something that no other set of brides before has had to!!

1. Stay Calm

Easier said than done, but really take a deep breath and realise you are not in this alone. Lots of venues and suppliers are being very flexible and rescheduling events. Generally event professionals acknowledge generally that this is a difficult situation and is not your choice. A good vendors first concern is your well being, thousands of couple are going through the same thing right now

Do what you feel is best for your family at this time. No matter your wedding date, safety and concern for your loved ones should come first.

2. Check With the Venue First

First step is always to make sure the venue can change the date.

1. Get the venue to give you 4 new dates that they can reschedule your wedding to, ask them to hold the dates for 24 hours.

2. Email all your current suppliers asking which dates they are available to reschedule to.

3. Collate the list or get suppliers to fill the availability out on a google document which will collate the information for you

If you want your whole team to stay consistent with your original plans, you will need to be flexible. It will be less hassle for you and all the organisation, planning and preparation you have done will not have to be repeated….WIN!

3. Review Your Existing Contracts

The importance of understanding your current obligations when you set out to postpone, including carefully reviewing your existing contracts.

Lean on your planner (if you have one) for how to navigate postponing. The event industry is banding together in the most beautiful way — almost all event partners are allowing rescheduling to happen with minimal impact to you.

Financials are an important and realistic factor to consider when postponing your wedding or event.

4. Be Decisive, But Thoughtful

We have to remember that all other events are also looking for new dates and there are only so many weekends in a year. People have already planned 2021 weddings and locked in venues and vendors. So if you need to postpone a 2020 date do it quickly. Commit as soon as possible, because it’s not just about the venue and the family calendar, but all the professionals involved, too. All schedules need to align and that’s tricky.

5. Communicate With Your Guests

When postponing your wedding or event, the last thing most hosts want to tackle is letting their guests know about their change in plans. But the notification process doesn’t have to be long and emotional.

An email is quickest and easiest ask people to stand by for a new date…even if invitations have already been mailed, this is a simple and fast ways to notify guests of your change in plans. People are half expecting this they feel for your situation and people who care about you will not give you a hard time over this.

And, when you can, try to lighten the mood with your communication, keep a sense of humour.

6. Stay in Touch

Just because we are practising

social distancing and in some cases isolation, technology allows us to still contact wedding vendors, friends and family. Stay safe and look after your loved ones. You will get married and you will appreciate it all the more once you get there!!


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