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Great Value service

You always hear, if something looks too good to be true, it probably is.

This is never more true than when shopping for a photo booth provider.

We take time to understand our costs and ensure we are providing an impeccable service which is sustainable.


Unfortunately this isn't always the case and we often take last minute bookings for people who have booked companies that are no longer in business.

Please ensure you are choosing great service and a great product, the memories can't be recreated

Value over price?

Although price is important. I urge you to consider putting value first. 


Although our prices do start as low we provide 3 hours with a booth attendant. We have done events for thousands of dollars. 


Prices vary depending on what you need. We will offer you all of the services that we feel will benefit you, choose the ones you need. Leave the ones you don't. 


Always feel free to ask questions along the way. Sometimes a good photo booth can make you more money than you spend on it! AND you cant recreate memories after the events... so make the most of them!

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