Corporate activations

Not just another photo booth

We are passionate about creating innovative photographic and engagement tech.

If you want to do something different at your venue, attraction or retail location, a custom install from Selfie Central will give your location the edge to impress. Make your corporate event, product launch or trade show more interesting by introducing our Selfie Mirror.

Dazzle consumers with this stylish and practical innovation in photo booths. The latest in customisable event technology, the Selfie Mirrors feature a camera hidden behind a touch enabled mirror, allowing the consumer to see themselves as they take show-stopping branded selfies.

Consumers are always ready to shine in front of the mirror as they see their reflection. A customised user experience guides them through the process - magically.


This unforgettable experience of genuine fun and amazement will never be forgotten - especially as we give everyone a branded printout and make it easy for them to share the content to social with their friends or to a company or event specific hash tag. 

Challenge us to create your perfect project..

We create fun, social and engaging activations



We create content that fans, guests and consumers want to share... 

To Instagram, Facebook, Twitter, Email and SMS.

Snazzy selfies, glamorous GIFS and amazing artwork. What ever the event tech, share immediately to friends and family, maximising your brand's reach.




We know data is important and that's why our software makes it easy to collect the data that users provide - safely and securely. We've got it covered from custom surveys to disclaimers and from email addresses to secure data transfer.

Make sure you really connect with your customers and form relationships that build your brand - with built in GDPR compliance.





We like to get a bit geeky at times, especially with all the figures from the event tech. 

Want to know how many people shared your content? Posted to facebook? Or Instagram? Or maybe you want to know who tweeted their branded selfie from your custom microsite?

We provide it all in a neat report to assess your ROI and provide insight to future marketing spend.




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